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Latin American Democracy - Honors Capstone Seminar - POLS 3996/4996 - 001

Sources and suggestions for the Spring 2021 course

Manage Citations with Refworks

RefWorks allows you to:

  • Create a personal database online - Store an unlimited number of records, accessible from any computer linked to the Internet. No downloading software or installation required.
  • Import references automatically - RefWorks can easily import search results from a wide variety of databases.
  • Organize references - Sort and search your stored references quickly and easily.
  • Format bibliographies and manuscripts - Save hours of typing and decrease the number of errors in creating tedious bibliographies. Easily make changes and reformat your bibliography in seconds.
  • Attach files to your citations - You are allotted 100MB of file storage for attaching files (of up to 5MB each) to your citations.

Create an account in Refworks

Refworks icon--Import, store, and organize references
--Highlight and annotate PDFs
--Produce bibliographies
--Integrate with MS Word and Google Docs

Login: New Refworks // Legacy Refworks


Create an account in the New Refworks

Create an account with your address and a password of your choosing.


Existing Legacy Refworks Accounts

To move your references from the Legacy Refworks to the New Refworks, first create an account in the New Refworks (see above). Then login to Legacy Refworks and click on the link in the upper left corner. You will be prompted to login to the New Refworks and your references will populate in the new version.

Move to newest version of Refworks

During the transition
*Users are able to maintain both legacy & new RefWorks accounts in parallel.
**Migration from legacy to new can occur multiple times (new RefWorks will only import new references from legacy on subsequent imports) - however it is a one-way migration, meaning reference changes will not migrate back to legacy from new RefWorks

Other Citation Managers and FAQ's