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Introduction to Procertas

Welcome to Procertas

We all can use MS Word, and for the modern law student it probably feels like they have been using Word their entire life.   However, are you able to use Word efficiently to perform the kind of tasks a lawyer often encounters?  As described in the video below, Procertas is a self-paced training and assessment platform that helps train users to go beyond the basics of programs such as Word, Excel, and PDF editors allowing users to more quickly and accurately perform document creation tasks commonly encountered in a modern law office.

For members of the legal profession it is not enough simply to be able to complete a task in Word, they will need to complete that task efficiently.  In the video below Procertas demonstrates how adding a new article in draft contract can generate the need to make 409 revisions to the document between updating the subsequent section heading numbering and all the internal cross-references.  This is a process that could take over 2 hours to complete.  However, if the document is created taking advantage of the styles and the cross-reference tools available in Word the necessary revisions are completed by the program in a matter of moments.


How it Works

What software do I need to use Procertas?

Procertas works on a Mac and a PC and supports all versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and Foxit PDF.  Modules can be completed using any modern web browser.  When signing up the system will ask for the preferred operating system (Windows or Mac) and will ask for the preferred version of Word Excel and PowerPoint (2016, 2019, or 365) and the preferred version of PDF View (Adobe, Nuance, or Foxit)  These settings will be used to provide customized task content when available.

How does Procertas teach and evaluate each skill?

Procertas provides a Trainer and an Assessment option for each Module they offer.  The Trainer option provides a short video that demonstrates the skill, and allows the user to practice skill and receive feedback.  The Assessment option allows the user to test their mastery of the skills in the module by completing each skill in the module in order without the ability to retry an individual skill.  The time to complete each skill is recorded, at the end of the assessment the user will receive a report and if they scored high enough a rating of Qualified or Expert.

Do I need to do all the training modules or can I jump right into the assessment?

Procertas recommends taking an assessment first to establish a baseline.  This will also identify specific skills the user needs to develop.  The Trainer can then be tailored to improve the identified skills.  Once the user feels comfortable with all the skills they can retake the Assessment as many times as they want to achieve the level of mastery desired.

Below is the LTA userguide with additional details, and a short video that demonstrates the process.  

What Can I Learn?

Procertas has developed three Modules for to improve the ability to perform common tasks associated with preparing Contracts, Briefs, and writing Memos.  Skills taught/assessed in these modules include:

  • Accepting/Turning Off Changes and comments
  • Modifying Headers and  Footers
  • Adding page numbers
  • Applying & Modifying Styles
  • Adding a Table of Contents and  a Table of Authority
  • Inserting/Updating cross-references
  • Marking Citations

Procertas also has developed Modules to help users learn to perform common tasks in Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint.

A complete list of skills is available at this link.

How to Sign Up

Temple Law students, faculty, and staff may request a free Procertas account.  Please complete our sign up form.  You should receive your account credentials from Procertas within 2-3 business days.  If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to the Law Librarians at or you can contact Charlie Perkins at (215) 204-2815.


Procertas works with Credly to provide Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology ("COBOT") providing verified proof of qualifications.  COBOT badges are awarded at upon successful completion of each module's assessment at the Qualified or Expert level. 

The Legal Tech Assessment currently offers three Microsoft Word Modules (Contract, Brief, and Memo), as well as modules on Excel for Law, PDF for Law, and PowePoint for Law.  



If you have any additional questions or if you would like to set up a One-on-One meeting to learn more about Procertas please feel free to contact Charlie Perkins at or by calling him at 215-204-2815.