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Costume Design I: THTR 2612

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Library records for books with illustrations

Print books hold thousands of illustrations, photographs, drawings, and other assorted images.

Each book represented in Library Search: Books comes with a detailed record. You need to understand these records. Some book records are more detailed than others.

Here is an example of a book record: Men's 17th & 18th century costume, cut & fashion. Understanding the details is what allows you to search efficiently.

Basic bibliographic details

bibliographic details


subject categories



Some useful call numbers

Don't know exactly what book you're looking for? Try browsing the collection using these call numbers:

  • GT500-2370: Costume, Dress, Fashion
  • NK7300-7600: Jewelry, Gemstones
  • PN2067-2068: Theatrical Costume and Makeup Design
  • TT500-650: Dressmaking and Tailoring, Fashion Designers
  • TT950-979: Hairdressing, Beauty Culture