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Costume Design I: THTR 2612

How to Browse the Collection Online

Knowing the relevant call numbers for your subject is a great start, but what do you do if you want to browse books that aren't in the stacks? Items in the BookBot, ebooks, and books that are currently checked out can be "browsed" using the library's advanced search function to browse call number ranges.


Screenshot of the library homepage featuring the main search field, with a red arrow pointing to the blue button immediately to the right of the search box.

        1. From the library homepage, click on the blue box with the magnifying glass next to the search box.


Library search page showing tabs reading "Everything," "Books & Media," "Articles," Databases," "Journals," and "Library Website." To the right of the search box, there is a red circle around "Advanced Search."

        2. Select "advanced search"


The lower part of the "Advanced Search" page, showing filters for "Availability," "Library," "Resource Type," "Language," "Newly Added," "Publication Year," and "Library of Congress Classification Range." The fields for Library of Congress Classification Range are filled in with "PR2890" to "PR2890.99."

        3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a call number range in the "Library of Congress Classification Range" fields. Make sure you choose an end number that will encompass any possible item within that range.