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Find Accessible Media

This guide helps faculty members and others in the Temple University committee locate ADA compliant media materials for course use.

Temple's Commitment to ADA Compliant Media

Temple University is committed to providing captions for its official multimedia content and will provide alternate formats for other public multimedia within a reasonable amount of time following an accessibility request. 

The following guidelines govern Temple's provision of captioned multimedia for non-public, course use:

  • If the instructor is aware of an accommodation request at least five days in advance of the presentation/distribution of the multimedia, the captioned version must be provided at the same time that the multimedia is provided or shown to the class. 
  • When a request is not made in advance, a captioned version of the video will be provided within a reasonable amount of time, typically within two business days from the time of the screening.
  • Any multimedia shown in the first week of classes, when the course is not a pilot or new offering, must be captioned.

This guide will assist faculty in finding already captioned media in Temple's collections, as well as obtaining captioning services for other multimedia materials needed for course use.

Requesting Captioning for Media

Before submitting a ticket to arrange for captioning of a given commercially produced multimedia item (e.g., a feature film or documentary) please consult with either of the two media services listed below as soon as possible, but at least 5 days before the intended screening, to determine if a captioned version of the multimedia, with appropriate licensing, is already available in tangible or streaming format.

If not, the University has contracts with three providers who caption pre-recorded content. Arrangements for captioning, along with pricing information, can be obtained by submitting a TUhelp ticket or emailing