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Copyright for Educators: A Guide to the Law and Fair Use

This guide leads to resources that will help educators learn more about copyright and fair use and may therefore be of help in answering questions about using copyrighted content in the classroom.

What's On This Page

There is an abundant amount of information on the Internet about copyright. 

This section of the guide makes use of selected content from the Copyright Information and Resources Center at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Wait a minute! Isn't that content copyrighted? How can it be used here?

It is copyrighted content...BUT...with a Creative Commons license. The creators of the content at University of Minnesota are letting people know that they are fine with the re-use of their content - but they request users to provide attribution - which I am doing here. Thank you UMN for allowing the re-use of their copyright content.

For more information on Creative Commons Licensing, see the appropriate tab.

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