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Copyright for Educators: A Guide to the Law and Fair Use

This guide leads to resources that will help educators learn more about copyright and fair use and may therefore be of help in answering questions about using copyrighted content in the classroom.

Why Use Library E-Reserves

Why use the Temple Libraries E-Reserve System?

It is true that many faculty have access to technology that will allow them to post readings or links to websites within their electronic coursesite.

That's what makes the E-Reserve System an effective resource.

It's easy to use and it's embedded in Blackboard and Canvas.

That means students can easily access E-Reserve System content directly from their coursesite.

When content is added to the E-Reserve System library staff will be in a position to identify potential copyright issues. If needed we can obtain permission to use copyrighted content from the Copyright Clearance Center - when Fair Use will not apply. This is another way in which we support faculty who may not be sure if their use of copyrighted content is a Fair Use.

The Library's E-Reserve Team is available for training and support - and to assist in acquiring content and loading it on to the E-Reserve page. But faculty are also free to manage their own page when it is more convenient to do so.