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Create Multimedia With Ready-to-hand Equipment

This guide contains resources for learning audio and video production using open source and out-of-the-box software

Basic Video Production Tutorials

Much of the time, novice video producers will find learning high-end packages such as Final Cut Pro or Avid to be overkill.  The following, non-platform specific tutorials from to all Temple University affiliates--provide your best bets for learning basic techniques for capturing masterful video, timeline editing, and planning how to convey your message.  Login using your AccessNetID and password.

Tutorials for Specific Devices and Platforms has many tutorials about the ins-and-outs of specific cameras (GoPros, camera phones) or software platforms (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker).  As these often focus on the features of a particular release, your best bet is to search the general site for the software version that came packaged with your computer or device.  Here are a few selections: