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Public Health: General Guide

Resources covering a range of topics for public health related interests.

Information Evaluation

There are many tools that guide you through evaluating information.

The basics are:

1. Don't rush to believe what you read. Pause, stop and consider what is being written and by who. How do you feel about it? Consider if there are other factors influencing your reaction, both positive or negative. 

2. Check on the source. Is the author or organization an authority on the topic. Do they provide additional and valid resources?

3. Look for other information on what is being posted. Are there other sources that back it up?

One acronym to help you remember is SIFT, by Michael Caulfield.  STOP, INVESTIGATE, FIND, (trusted coverage), TRACE (claims, quotes, etc. basically fact check and confirm the source exists).  



While taking the course at Temple you will have access to many of the subscription resources but know that your state or local libraries may also have electronic resources you can use.

With your PA library card you have access to many databases.