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National Park Service - Mission, Accomplishments, Challenges ( GUS 0842 / ES 0842 )

Group Assignments

Group One:

* History of the creation of the Park Service
* Mission and mandate from Congress 
* How National Parks are created

Suggested search terms:

"National Park Service" (quotes around words indicate it will be searched as a phrase); "National Parks"; history; mission; mandate; creat* (asterisk at end of word indicates a search will find all words beginning with the letters CREAT)


Group Two:

Accomplishments and activities over the past 100 years
* Land areas the NPS manages currently
* Outline of NPS programming
* How Park management has changed over time
* What goals should NPS focus on for the future

Suggested search terms:

"National Park Service"; accomplishments; manage*; management; programming; goals


Group Three:

* Current environmental issues
* Future challenges

Suggested search terms:

"National Park Service"; environment*; "environmental issues"; challenges; overuse; vandalism; pollution; wildlife extinction; animals; plants; fauna; flora; congestion


Group Four:

* Funding the Park Service
* How can additional funding be raised?

Suggested search terms:

"National Park Service"; appropriations; revenue; "additional sources"; finance; philanthropy; "corporate sponsorship" concessions