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Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research NURS3305

Temple Health Sciences Library Workshops

Workshops can be taught in a course, scheduled for a group and many are also offered in drop-in format. We are happy to provide instruction online using technology, such as WebEx or online videos. 

Please see the Ginsburg Library calendar for our current drop-in workshop offerings. All drop-in workshops are held in Ginsburg Library, 3500 N Broad St., MERB Building, unless otherwise noted.

Contact Natalie Tagge, at for more information or to request a group or one-on-one session.

Workshop Offerings

Resource Instruction
Searching PubMed
Searching CINAHL
Searching Embase
Searching Web of Science
Searching...database(s) of your choice
Anatomy Resources
Advanced Searching Techniques
Mobile Library Resources

Citation Management
RefWorks, Mendeley and EndNote: Choosing the Right Citation Management Tool

Systematic Review Training
Introduction to Systematic Reviews
How to Create A PICO Question
How to Build A Comprehensive Search Strategy
Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Resources

Scholarly Communication
Introduction to Open Access
Scopus: Find out which articles are being cited, including your own!
Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy

Evidence Based Healthcare
Introduction to Evidence Based Practice
CINAHL for Evidence Based Research 

Evaluation of Resources
Evaluating the Evidence 
Comparing Library Resources: Which One to Use?

Poster Presentations: Best Practices for Health Science Research Posters
Managing References and Articles
My NCBI: Personalizing PubMed

Finding an existing 3D model
Creating a 3D model
Using a CT scan to create a 3D model

Customized, Course Specific Workshops
We regularly design workshops to meet course specific objectives 


Drop-in Workshop Schedule