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Latin American Studies

Guide to Latin American and Caribbean Studies research at Temple University Libraries



The Latin American Network Information Center, University of Texas at Austin, is one of the most useful directories for finding scholarly resources from and about Latin America.

Central America Portal

Central America portal logo of two hands covered in blue paint entwined

The Spanish-language web portal Enlace Académico Centroamericano provides access to e-books, e-journals, and many other resource types. Browse the collection by country or theme.

Sites of Memory

Sites of Memory logo of disappeared peoples' heads

"This portal presents information on the work of the 27 institutions that compose the Latin American Network of Sites of Conscience. It includes a catalogue of materials, samples and publications produced by members of the network and a collective calendar that disseminates information on activities associated with the work on memory developed in the region."

Anyone interested in the history of human rights abuses in Latin America will wish to explore this portal.

Historical Polling Data

Latin American Studies: Web Portals

This box links to some of the best general Caribbean and Latin American Studies research portals on the web, along with several specialized sites that cover Latin American law, human rights, economics, politics, statistics, etc.