Use Library Technology and Computing Resources

A guide to computing resources available in the libraries, their locations, and how to find assistance

Computer Access

Most computers in the libraries are for use by currently enrolled Temple University students, faculty and staff members.  In order to provide a secure network environment, Accessnet logins are required in order use a computer. Downloading and installing programs, software, etc., is not permitted. Please see Temple's Technology Usage Policy for in-depth information.

Alumni who have an active Temple email account can logon to Paley computers. If you are an alumni and do not have a Temple email account please Register Here

Several guest computers are available for use by the general public in the Tuttleman building. An application and photo ID are required and use is limited to 2 hours per day.

Library Computing Overview

More than 430 public computers are located throughout the libraries providing access to all electronic resources, standard office applications, the Internet, and printing services.  Both PCs and Macs are available in all libraries.   Software and additional functionality varies by library and location but all public computers are equipped with at minimum:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Acces, PowerPoint 
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Media: VLC Player, Quicktime, iTunes
  • Printing: access to networked B&W and Color printers

Printing is available in all locations using your free print quota.  Currently enrolled students who have paid a technology fee and are taking 9+ credits receive a free printing quota of 300 pages for the semester.  Students taking less than 9 credits receive a prorated free printing quota.

Paley Library print payment methods:  Faculty, staff, students and guests may print and pay by cash, coin or Diamond Dollars at a cost of $0.07 cents per page for standard 8.5 x 11 b&w or $0.50 per page for color.

Scanners can be found in all the libraries.  There are traditional flatbed scanners as well as free-standing scanning kiosks in select locations where you can scan directly to USB flash drive or email without the need to wait for an open computer. The libraries recommend scanning as a preferred method to making photocopies whenever possible.

Wireless access is available in most of the public areas of the libraries and you can print wirelessly from your laptops, tablets and other mobile devices using Temple's "Print on the Go" service.

Assistive Technology designed to provide patrons with various disabilities access to the library and its resources can be found in all libraries.  Adaptive software is found on all public computers.  Accessible hardware and workstations are located on each floor of the Paley Library.  Adaptive hardware is available at the Information Desk on the first floor.