Use Library Technology and Computing Resources

A guide to computing resources available in the libraries, their locations, and how to find assistance

Networked Printers

Networked printers are located in each of the libraries.  Print jobs may be directed to these printers from any library computer or from any laptop, tablet or other mobile device using  Print on the Go.  Cash printing and color printing are available in select locations.  

1. From your computer click print and select the appropriate printer from the print dialog box

2. Swipe your OwlCard at the printer

3. Select your document on the screen and release it to the printer 

Paying for Print Jobs

Payment depends on your current affiliation at Temple University: 

Students currently enrolled at Temple and who have paid a technology fee as part of the enrollment (this would include staff who enroll in a course), have a free printing quota of 300 pages for the semester (calculated at the course start time - half year to accommodate professional schools).
  • 1-4 credits 103 pages
  • 5-8 credits 216 pages
  • 9+ credits 300 pages
300 pages means 300 B&W 8 1/2 x 11 prints one-sided. 
the quota renews to another 300 for the next semester. 
the quota applies to prints only and not photocopies.

Faculty and Staff (and students who have exhausted their free quota): Pay by cash or coin at 10 cents per page or 7 cents a page with a Temple Diamond Dollars account. All Temple students, faculty, staff with a TUid card have a Diamond Dollars account associated with their TUid. Recent alumni (since 2005) with a TUId card also have accounts. This account will not have any cash value in it to start with whether you are a student, faculty, or staff. 

Paley Library Printers and Locations

Paley Library First Floor: 3 Black & White laser printers, 1 Color laser printer, Cash printing available

Paley Library Second Floor: 1 Black & White laser printer, free quota or Diamond Dollars only

Paley Library Third Floor: 1 Black & White laser printer, free quota or Diamond Dollars only

*If you want to pay cash but are using a 2nd or 3rd floor computer, select the Cash Printer in the print dialog box when printing your document and then proceed to the Cash Printing Station on the 1st floor to retrieve your document


Ambler Library Printers and Locations

Ambler Campus Library: 1 B&W laser printer, Cash printing is unavailable, Color printing is unavailable

Tuttleman Research Center Printers and Locations

Tuttleman Computer Lab Printers: scanners