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Media and Culture : FMA 1171

This guide is intended to assist you with the video gaming annotated bibliography assignment.

Getting Started

To successfully complete this assignment you must select sources that are useful and appropriate for research on your topic.  You are going to have to defend your choice of sources in your annotations.  So that you are better prepared to identify good sources, spend a few minutes looking at overviews of the topic.  This will get you familiar with the main ideas and perspectives.  You can use things like wikipedia and encyclopedias and reference databases like the ones below for this.

CQ Researcher Report on Video Games

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, and Guides

Need to look up a name, place, term, or event?  The sources below contain many different kinds of encyclopedias and dictionaries and are excellent starting points for getting an overview on your topic as well as possible search terms to use later. Try them.