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Zotero at Temple

Integrate Temple Libraries' link using OpenURL

Get quick access to full-text articles by using our OpenURL

Step 1: Bring up your Zotero preferences.


Step 2: In your Zotero preferences, click on the "Advanced" tab, at the bottom of which is a section for "OpenURL".

Step 3:

  • Leave the dropdown menu set to "Custom".
  • In the "Resolver" field paste:
  • Leave "Version" set to "1.0".


Now, set up Zotero Connector to automatically download PDFs

  1. Go to Zotero Connector Preferences.
  2. Select the option highlighted below.
  3. Now, Zotero Connector will download records plus PDFs.

Zotero Preferences


Or, use Library Lookup to find PDFs online

Updated 12/19/17