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private_HSL Box Repository: Introduction

A few things about the box repository

  • Never delete anything from this guide. If a box must be deleted from the repository, then the guide owners for each linked guide must be notified in advance so that they can find a suitable alternative for the box on their guides.  Better to update / improve / resolve any issues with boxes
  • It is best to map to these boxes rather than copy them. That way when there's an update your box will be automatically updated.
  • If you want to copy so that you can create a customized box, please
    • Create your own box repository with custom made boxes and map to those.
    • Avoid creating tons of customized boxes -- you should be mapping to boxes on this page or your own repository.
    • If you have an idea for a box, please contact Janeen, ( to create a standardized box.
  • ExLibris (Primo/Library Search) boxes will not work if you include more than ONE box on a guide page. Please limit your Library Search boxes to one per page.
  • Check the updated Libguides standards for more information on guides