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History of the National Park Service: HIST 2214

A library research guide designed to help students complete assignments 1, 2, and 3

Assignment 3 - Current Issues & Challenges

History of the National Park Service - Temple University

Assignment III: Current Issues and Challenges

The National Park Service has always faced its share of complicated issues and challenges, but as we’ve discussed in recent weeks, the Agency’s current predicaments seem only to multiply. The purpose of this assignment is to assess whether and how individual park units confront challenges that seem ubiquitous from a national perspective.

Please identify at least three occasions during the last decade in which local or national media outlets (e.g. newspapers, television news, etc.) have reported on troubles at your unit. Please include copies of these materials so far as it is possible for you do to so.

Once you have collected these materials, write a brief essay (1-3 pages) explaining precisely what challenges they document and what their impact has been on your unit.