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Global Health

a public health guide focusing more broadly on the world

Global Health? International Health? What are they and what's the difference?

Global International
  • collective health
  • "global citizens"
  • multilateral and local response
  • health as borders
  • focus on development
  • bilateral and local response

"Global health is a field of practice, research and education focused on health and the social, economic, political and cultural forces that shape it across the world. The discipline has an historical association with the distinct needs of developing countries but it is also concerned with health-related issues that transcend national boundaries and the differential impacts of globalisation. It is a cross-disciplinary field, blending perspectives from the natural and social sciences to understand the social relationships, biological processes and technologies that contribute to the improvement of health worldwide“ (Rowson, 2007, np).

Global Health Organizations

Multilateral Orgs (funding from multiple sources):


Bilateral Organizations (funding comes from one organization):


Non-governmental Organizations (funding comes from a variety of locations):

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