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Felipe Valdez

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Felipe Valdez
Charles Library
For students, I can:

  • Help you find geospatial data and conduct your own spatial data analysis

  • Introduce you to Geographic Information Systems and web mapping platforms

  • Help you understand how mapping and geospatial analysis can enhance your work

  • Answer your questions via email, chat, phone or in-person

For faculty, I can:

  • Discuss ways to best incorporate GIS data and tools into your class assignments

  • Assist you in the design of your GIS projects

  • Help you find, manage, analyze and visualize geospatial data

  • Introduce you or your students to spatial data analysis platforms

  • Introduce your students to GIS software and geospatial analysis tools via a synchronous workshop or asynchronous video tutorials tailored to your class

  • Discuss ways to best incorporate maps, GIS, and geospatial resources into your class assignments

  • Create a library research guide tailored to your class or assignment

  • Act as a liaison communicating your department's concerns and needs to Temple University Libraries administration

My Guides

GIS & Mapping
Last update: May 17, 2024 343 views
Last update: Aug 11, 2023 356 views
Online Mapping Tools
Last update: Jun 11, 2024 41 views
Last update: Sep 20, 2022 1386 views
Story Maps
Last update: Sep 20, 2022 55 views

My Subject Specialties