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Technology: Stratasys UPrint SE

Stratasys UPrint SE plus


The Stratasys Uprint SE Plus is a specialized 3D printing system. This printer is limited in its material variety. It utilizes a dual extrusion system allowing users to print in two materials, an ABS based plastic and a soluble support material. This printer is best used for projects that require a high level of fidelity such as anatomically precise models. This printer is also good for constructing complex structures that would prove difficult to print on standard FDM printers. By using a soluble support material objects that have hollow sections can be created with great precision. Once the object has finished printing it is submerged in a Sodium Hydroxide bath, which dissolves all the support material and leaves only the ABS plastic.


The high degree of precision this printer offers, limits the variety of materials that can be used with it. Only 2 types of materials can be used with this printer. For this reason anything that is printed using this machine will be subject to our base material charge, $0.20/gram.

This printer uses a model material and a separate support material. Once the object is printed all the support material is removed chemically. The mass of printed objects includes the model and support material used.

Support Material (Top)- SR30

Model Material (Bottom)- ABS+