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Horticulture: Introduction

A guide to research in the area of horticulture at the Temple University Libraries


Welcome to the Horticulture Research Guide.  This guide will introduce you to many of the rich resources the Temple University Libraries system provides to support this discipline. Materials are available in many different formats, including print, electronic and media.

Due to the breadth of this subject area, print materials might be located right here in the Ambler Library, the Depository, our storage facility, or Paley Library at main campus. 


Find Materials in the Temple University Libraries

The Library Search is your gateway to discover books, journal articles, and much more at Temple University Libraries. Additional information can be found in our Library Search FAQ's.

Areas of Coverage

Information in the field of horticulture can be found in many different areas of the library. With the interests in gardening, food security, horticulture and all areas of sustainability gaining popularity, the availability of information has exploded.  The Temple University Libraries system seeks to support academic coursework and the research within a department.  The information included here will present the broadest possible view of the interests of the department. Check the department's website, link listed below, for additional information including the mission and scope of the programs.

Guide Information

Check back often, because there will always be additions, changes, edits, and revisions happening!

If you have any suggestions or  comments concerning the content of these pages, please let me know.

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