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HIST 2214: History of the National Park Service

A library research guide designed to help students complete assignments 1, 2, and 3

Guide Introduction and Assignment Prompts

Students in this course will undertake three distinct research assignments. After choosing a park or unit of the National Park Service (NPS), students will research and write...

The library databases, websites, and other resources listed on this guide can help you to complete the above assignments. Students might also wish to explore the research guide created by Ms. Latanya Jenkins (the Government Information Librarian) titled United States Government Information

Start Your Research at

National Park Service logo

The National Park Service (NPS) website consists of thousands of individual pages. The two most helpful areas of for assignments #1 and #2, respectively, are the published Laws Relating to the National Park Service; and the administrative histories of many parks, units, monuments, and other NPS-manages sites.

From the National Park Service (NPS) homepage, try clicking Find a Park > by name > Management > Laws & Policies > Enabling Legislation [if available].

A convenient list of Yosemite's enabling legislation beginning in 1864 and running through 2013 can be found here. Uncovering the legislative histories of other parks and NPS units can be a bit more challenging. Explore the other boxes on this guide for more tips on how to find the enabling legislation for other parks.