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History of the National Park Service: HIST 2214

A library research guide designed to help students complete assignments 1, 2, and 3

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The National Park Service (NPS) website consists of thousands of individual pages. The two most helpful areas of for assignments #1 and #2, respectively, are the published Laws Relating to the National Park Service; and the administrative histories of many parks, units, monuments, and other NPS-manages sites.

From the National Park Service (NPS) homepage, try clicking Find a Park > by name > Management > Laws & Policies > Enabling Legislation [if available].

A convenient list of Yosemite's enabling legislation beginning in 1864 and running through 2013 can be found here. Uncovering the legislative histories of other parks and NPS units can be a bit more challenging. Explore the other boxes on this guide for more tips on how to find the enabling legislation for other parks.

Key Library Databases