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Public Health Programs-CPH: Getting Started

Information related to the content areas of public health in the College of Public Health

Public Health Resources at Temple

The Temple University Libraries have many resources to support Public Health programs. Use this guide to explore some of those options.

  • Learn where to find articles in the Find Articles tab. Discover ways to find books in the Find Books tab.
  • Statistics and Data  will open a new guide that contains links to some of the more common health statistics resources on the state, local and national levels. 
  • Databases/Web Resources contains some links to databases that may be useful as well as handy web resources to know.
  • CPH-Topic Specific will open a new guide that provides information on resources targeted to selected topics, such as Law & Administration, Environmental Health and Disasters.
  • Want some help learning how to use one of our resources? See if we are offering a workshop under the Library Workshops tab.

You can always contact one of the librarians too!

If you have suggestions for content on this guide, please feel free to share them with me. It is an ongoing process.

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Cochrane Public Health

Library Liaison

Lauri Fennell
Ginsburg Health Science Library,
3500 North Broad St., MERB
Wednesdays at Paley Rm 121, 8am-1pm

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