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RefWorks at Temple

Refworks icon--Import, store, and organize references
--Highlight and annotate PDFs
--Produce bibliographies
--Integrate with MS Word and Google Docs

Login: Refworks 2.0 // Legacy Refworks

New Refworks Accounts

If you do not have a Refworks account on the previous version of Refworks, you have two options.

Using this URL:,

  1. Create an account with an institutional email address. This method requires that you have an email address with your institution’s email domain (i.e.,

  2. Create an account within your Institution’s IP range (on-campus).


Existing Legacy Refworks Accounts

After Soft Migration has been enabled, those users who have an existing Legacy RefWorks account will find a link in the upper left that will allow them to create an account on the new platform.

Move to newest version of Refworks

Once the user has clicked on this link, they will be prompted to create an account and all of the contents (references, folder structure, attachments and custom styles) within their Legacy account will be moved over to the New RefWorks automatically. Legacy Refworks Login

During the transition
*Users are able to maintain both legacy & new RefWorks accounts in parallel.
**Migration from legacy to new can occur multiple times (new RefWorks will only import new references from legacy on subsequent imports) - however it is a one-way migration, meaning reference changes will not migrate back to legacy from new RefWorks