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Research guide to support the GenEd course, Eating Cultures: Spanish 0837

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Diamond Search Tip: Use Library of Congress Subject Headings

Improve your search results by taking just a few minutes to understand Library of Congress Subject Headings (or LCSH for short). LCSH are preferred terms -- "tags" in everyday usage -- assigned by cataloging librarians to the bibliographic records that describe the books and other resources owned by TULibraries (or any other library). LCSH function like the tags used in blogs and Web 2.0 applications, but are more precise and consistently applied, and are pre-determined (the catalogers can't make up a tag on the fly, but instead choose from a list already crated).

Example: A researcher needs to find books and other library resources about food practices and customs in a particular country or for a particular culture. The LCSH won't be intuitive, and there will be quite a few relevant ones, so begin with a focused keyword search, then look at the LCSH applied to that record by the cataloger. Some examples:

  1. [KEYWORD SEARCH]: food* AND (cultur* OR custom* OR practice) AND Mexico
  2. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Food -- Symbolic Aspects -- [Country name]
  3. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Food -- Social Aspects -- [Country name]
  4. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Food Habits -- [Country name]
  5. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Food Preferences -- [Country name]
  6. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Food Supply -- [Country name]
  7. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: [Ethnic Group or Category -- Food, e.g. Indians of Mexico -- Food]
  8. [SUBJECT SEARCH]: Cooking, [Ethnic name, e.g. Mexican]

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Encyclopedia Britannica

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The online edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is a fully searchable and browsable collection of over 73,000 authoritative reference articles. Several bonus features are included in this reference tool: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus; thousands of photographs, illustrations, and sound files; hundreds of relevant videos; hot links from Encyclopedia Britannica articles to related magazine and journal articles from EBSCO and ProQuest online databases; World Data containing information and customizable charts and tables about nations of the world; Notable Quotations from important historical and contemporary people; and Gateway to the Classics, hundreds of works by significant writers of the Western world.