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Black History: the FBI & Black authors

Selected resources written by and about Black/ African American authors who have been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. What's at the Blockson collection and what is at Charles Library. Based on an WUSTL exhibit.

Afrocentricity in Larry Neal & Amiri Baraka works

* Pick up at Charles Library or Request it from the Depository

FBI investigations of Black authors

LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) & Larry Neal at the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection

Black Fire anthology

An anthology of Afro-American Writing

Black Fire cover page

Anthology by Jones & Neal

Larry Neal

Liberated Black Philly Poet with a Blues Streak of Mellow Wisdom

Visions of a Liberated Future

Larry Neal Black Arts Movement Writings

LeRoi Jones/ Larry Neal

The Cricket

LeRoi Jones/ Larry Neal

The Cricket TOC


Journal of Poetry


Journal of Black Poetry


Poetry Guest Editors


Journal of Black Poetry - TOC

Ask a Librarian

Freedom of Information Act