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Elementary Yoruba: AAAS 1124

This Libguide shows library resources for learning more about Yoruba language.

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yoruba language

Yoruba alphabet by FreeLanguage

Yoruba deities imagined by James C. Lewis

SANGO: diety of thunder

OYA: goddess of change, whirlwind

ORUNMILA: diety of wisdom, divinity

OLORUN: diety of creation

OSUN: goddess of love, fertility, purity of rivers

OLOKUN: deity of the deep ocean

OKO: diety of fertile land, agriculture

ESU: diety of crossroads

OBA: goddess of home, domestic life

OBEJI: diety of vitality, youthfulness

OSANYIN: diety of the forest, jungle

OSOOSI: diety of hunting

YEMOJA: goddess of mankind

ERINLE: diety of health, wellness

BABALUAYE: diety of illness

OSUMARE guardian of the little ones

OBATALA: diety of uprightness

ORI destiny

ORI: intuition, destiny

diety OGUN

OGUN: diety of iron

AGANJU diety volcanoes, desert

AGANJU: diety of volcanoes, desert

Yoruba god Erinle

ERINLE: diety of physical health and wellness

Yoruba language


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