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Chicago Manual of Style

Refworks is a program that you can use to gather and organize citatons you find in databases or Google Scholar (use the Export tools in databases and Google Scholar), format the citiatons into proper APA form and create a bibliography for you. It's always a good idea to check what you get from this process to see if it actually conforms to APA style.

Most databases will have a tab or link in a record that formats the information for the article or book into APA Style from which you can copy and paste. Again, it's always a good idea to check carefully what it is you get from this. This is particularly true when you use the database LexisNexis Academic, which seems to cause the most problems with the citations it generates.

Chicago Manual of Style Online is the online version of the manual along with some FAQ's.

Citing Sources is a Temple libguide about citing in general, with a link to the Chicago Style on the basics of Chicago Style citations based on the Manual.

Chicago Manual Style (CMS) Formatting - YouTube   9 minute video that walks through the steps for formating in Microsoft Word.