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LKSOM Phase 1

Required and Recommended Books, and Resources for LKSOM 1st and 2nd Year Students

Preclerkship medical education by year

Information about books for each block can be found under Fundamentals and Systems on the left.  

You can see the block by year below.

Year 1

Year 2

Fundamentals 1: Human Structures

Systems 4 Nephrology

Fundamentals 2: Cellular Function

Systems 5 Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Fundamentals 3: Host Defenses and Threats

Systems 6 Endocrinology and Reproduction

Fundamentals 4: Basis of Disease and Treatment

Systems 7 Multi-Organ System Disease

Systems 1: Neuroscience and Psychiatry


Systems 2: Cardiovascular


Systems 3: Pulmonary


Doctoring 1 & 2: Foundations of Patient Care

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