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NYT for Teaching

Using NYT Content in Class

  • When using content in class, please provide your students with a URL.
    • Use the URL that is visible in the browser location/address bar when you view the article on
    • When an article is initially published, its URL will remain stable for six days after publication, but it will then be migrated to an archive URL. Section front URLs change rarely and are automatically redirected when they do change.
    • More information is available at Linking to

Using NYT Content Elsewhere

Additional Resources

  • The New York Times inEducation website, a free resource, offers NYT content into their curriculum. New content and teaching resources are added on a weekly basis by Faculty Contributors from a variety of institutions.

    • To access the content of the New York Times inEducation site, instructors need to create a separate NYT inEducation account. The email address and password can be the same as their account, but each website has separate logins. When setting up an account, there is an option to sign up for weekly digests for any of the areas of study that might be of interest.

  • The Learning Network is The New York Times’s award-winning curricular tool offering Activities for Students and Resources for Teachers. This curricular tool provides dynamic content and activities invaluable for today’s classroom. While geared towards an audience of native English speaking high schoolers, the lessons, prompts, and activities can fuel critical thinking at different levels and are used by colleges and professors all over the world.