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Temple Analytics Challenge 2019

Telling Stories with Data


Funny. The more I visualise data, information and knowledge, the more I'm starting to feel and understand the differences between them. Understanding really is the key. When you understand something, you're able to perceive its structure: its connections, its relationships, its significance relative to everything else. How it fits. You see-feel-intuit the fit. You know it. You know? Context, I'm realising is the field of these connections, the network we plug any new information into. That explains why, when something is contextualised, we can suddenly get it. It feels 'meaningful' to us because it fits into the network of what we already know and understand and can relate to. Our knowledge.

McCandless, David. 2014. Knowledge is beautiful. New York, NY: Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.