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Business - Leadership & Organizational Management


When you're looking for credible information, library databases are your "go-to" place.  These database subscriptions provide access to millions of articles published in newspaper, magazine and scholarly journals.

You can also search directly in specific journals or databases.  See below for some suggested titles.

Recommended Journals

Here are some of the professional journals in our databases to support your research in Leadership and Organizational Management

Visit the Journal Finder to search for additional journals. You will need to log in using your TU credentials to view the articles.

Pro Research Tip

Google Scholar Image

Search Temple’s databases from Google Scholar, instead of from the library web site, 
to find freely available scholarly articles available via the Temple University library and the internet.  Just follow these Google Scholar Set-up Instructions, then enter your key words in the Google Scholar search box.

  • Look for articles that say Temple U next to them. These are the articles that only you (as a Temple student) can access for free.
  • Other sources that say PDF, or similar, on the right side of the article are full text articles that anyone can access for free. 
  • Some sources will not show anything on the right of the article. Those are typically not available in full text for free.
    Do not pay to access these! if you really think you need to article, contact the library to see if they can find a free version for you.

Recommended Databases

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