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Dryad - Data Repository

A guide to using Dryad, a generalist data repository, to share and preserve your research data. Temple Libraries is an institutional member of Dryad.

Data Submission Requirements

If you are interested in using Dryad to deposit your data, consider the following requirements:

Dryad accepts all research data and is intended for complete, re-usable, open research datasets.

  • Dryad does not accept submissions that contain personally identifiable human subject information. Human subjects data must be properly anonymized and prepared under applicable legal and ethical guidelines. Please see additional guidance on human subjects data.
  • Dryad does not accept any files with licensing terms that are incompatible with the Creative Commons Zero waiver. For more information, please see Good data practices: Removing barriers to data reuse with CC0 licensing.
  • For software scripts and snapshots of software source code, files can be uploaded via Dryad and published at Zenodo, which allows public software deposits with version control for the ongoing maintenance of software packages. If you are only seeking to store code, software, and/or supplemental materials please visit Zenodo.

Data Deposit Process

Dryad provides a detailed walkthrough of the data submission process here. For help with the process, contact If you would like to talk to a Temple librarian about your dataset, the process, and suing Dryad, contact

Deposit process:

First, login to Dryad at:

When prompted, choose to login through Institutional access

Choose Temple from the list, login with your TU AccessNet or TUHS credentials

Connect your ORCID (sign up for one with info here)

Review the data deposit requirements

You should see a menu with an option for 'My Datasets', click on that.

Click on the 'Start New Dataset' button.

Fill out the metadata fields, it will ask the journal you are submitting with, funder info, abstract, and other things.

Then fill out the README or import your README

Review the metadata and other info

If you are looking to share your dataset privately for peer review, under 'Choose When to publish', pick the 'Keep my dataset private while my related article is in peer review' option. Your data will not be curated and published until you change this option. If you are ready to submit your dataset for curation choose the 'Make my dataset available for public download as soon as possible' option.

Agree to the license and terms of service, contact with any license questions

You will recieve a DOI that can be shared with a journal, colleagues and others. If further information is needed during the curation process, Dryad curators will reach out to you. If not, you will be notified when your dataset has been curated and shared publicly.



Dryad Data Citations

All data deposits in Dryad are given a suggested citation that follows the following format:

Author(s) (Date). Title. [Dataset]. Dryad. DOI