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Open Access for Health Information

A research guide to locating Open Access resources for health information

The Open Access Publishing Fund

OA Fund

Need help coverings the costs associated with publishing in an open access journal? Apply for Temple University Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund. The fund is open to all Temple faculty members. Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students may also apply, as long as there is at least one faculty member listed as a co-author on the article.

The Libraries’ goal in starting an Open Access Publishing Fund is to promote new forms of scholarly communication. There are a rising number of high-quality open access publishers whose business model depends on the fees they collect from authors. Authors are increasingly interested in making their work available open access, as it helps them reach new and wider audiences. However, the costs involved can be a deterrent. We hope this Fund will help remove this financial barrier, encouraging authors to experiment with new and innovative publishing models. Over fifty universities across the country currently maintain some kind of Open Access Publishing Fund.

For more information on the fund, including the application, click here.

Discounts for Temple authors

Many open access journals are free to read because they charge authors a fee, often called an article processing charge or APC. Thanks to various memberships and subscriptions paid for by the Libraries, Temple authors receive discounts on APCs from the following publishers:

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Chemical Society

BioMed Central/SpringerOpen

  • Temple authors who publish in BioMed Central or SpringerOpen journals will receive a 5% discount on APCs. In addition, Temple Libraries will cover 50% of the the remaining cost.

National Academy of Sciences

Nature Publishing

Oxford University Press

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

  • Temple authors who publish in this journal will have their APC waived.

Other OA publishing initiatives

Knowledge Unlatched

Temple Libraries has pledged support to Knowledge Unlatched, which coordinates a coalition of libraries that share the costs of making scholarly monographs open access. A number of Temple University Press books have been made openly available through this project.

Open Library of Humanities

Temple Libraries' financial support contributes to the OLH's ability to offer open access publishing to authors without payment of publication fees.