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Philadelphia Arts and Culture: AMST 0801

This guide will help students perform research in order to complete their PEX Lab Reports.

Context Presentation Slides

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Books in the Library

Click a title to see where we have the book at Temple.

What's On This Page?

Below are links to ebooks, websites, and books in the library that will help you provide context on your art object. Any of these sources would be a better choice than Wikipedia or even the Encyclopedia Britannica

Background Information

Before you try finding articles related to your object, first build your foundation of knowledge about your artist and the style/period associated with your art object.

Online Books

Search Library Search for Ebooks

This search box is limited to only full-text, online books available through the Libraries website. Unlike Google Books, these results will include current, in-copyright books on your topic, that still allow you to search within the text for your artwork or artist. Start your search for books here.

Looking for an Ebook or Ebook chapter? Use the following source to find Ebooks at Temple.

More Background Information

The options below will take you directly to online books available through the library. Consider using these instead of Google Books to find relevant, timely sources.

Didn't find one that worked for you? Try searching these databases full of online books.

Museum Websites

Sources for Additional Context