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How to search Pubmed Clinical Queries

Pubmed Clinical Queries (CQ) eliminates everything that isn’t evidence, like editorials or history, and lets you focus in on clinical research.  It does that by using search hedges, or filters, that limit to a specific clinical study category and scope.  Click here for more about the filters themselves 

There are five filters to match 5 types of clinical questions: Etiology, Diagnosis, Therapy, Prognosis and Clinical Prediction Guidelines.

You can limit to a Narrow specific search or a Broad more sensitive search. 

CQ also has a Systematic Review Filter and a filter for articles that focus on Medical Genetics. The default is All for Medical Genetics but you can limit to more specific topics.

  • To search CQ type your terms into the search box.  Filtering is automatic. Therapy and Narrow are the default choices. The top 5 most recent citations show up on the screen with the total count. 
  • Click on “See all” to go to all the citations on the PubMed results page. 
  • Once at the results page consider re-ordering the results by relevance instead of date. You can use all PubMed filters to make your search more precise.  

When you find a good article there is an option to see “Similar articles.”  If you chose those you will no longer be using the evidence filters of CQs but the algorithm can be really helpful

Pearls for searching Pubmed

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