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The Good Life: Intellectual Heritage 0851

Professor Katie Brennan

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Use this guide to complete the group assignments described below. If you any help finding good sources for your research, feel free to contact me.

Group Presentations

Presentation 1:
Each group will give a presentation that serves as an introduction to one assigned text.

  • You must use at least two scholarly sources. Scholarly sources can include the introduction to your required text, encyclopedia articles (from academic sources), and journal articles. (Wikipedia does not count as a scholarly source!)
  • Use the research databases on this guide to find scholarly sources for each text. [View left-side Table of Contents.]
  • You will need to provide a bibliography of your sources.
  • How you present this information is your own choice.
  • The presentation should last 10-20 minutes.

Helpful information usually includes:

  • Historical context in which text was written
  • Information about the author, if known
  • General information about the text itself

Presentation 2:
Using the same text, your group will create an activity that helps us review key themes, ideas, and elements.  

  • The type of activity you choose is up to you.
  • This class activity should last 25-30 minutes. 
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