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Nurse Residents

Keyword Searching

Do NOT check Suggest Subject Terms box

Use synonyms/various ways author might describe the topic

Use * to pick up plural and various word endings

Enter like terms/term into the same box separated by or:

 pressure ulcer* or pressure sore* or bedsore*

Cinahl Heading Searching

Break up your question into topics, search on each topic separately, and then click Search History to combine results

  • Click on Cinahl Headings
  • Enter your topic and click on the appropriate heading
  • Click on Explode box to include more specific subject terms 
  • Click on Search Database


Combining Searches

Search with AND retrieves articles that discuss all your terms/topics in the same article

Search with OR retrieves articles that discuss 1 or more of your terms/topics in the same article



Saving Your References

Click on Folder at the top of the page

Click on New on the left side of the page

Name your folder

Click Save

Click on title of reference you want to save

Click Add to Folder

Saving Your Search Strategy

Go to Search History screen

Click on Save Searches

Name your search

Click Save

Retrieving Your Saved Searches

Click Search History

Click Retrieve Searches

Select your search

Click Retrieve Saved Search

Click on box next to Select/deselect all

Click on Refresh Search Results