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Intellectual Heritage II: Intellectual Heritage 0852 / 0952, Sections 706 / 013

Background / Overviews

What kind of sources should I look for?

In contrast to most of the other works in this IH II section, The Social Conquest of Earth is a contemporary work. In order to find background and contextual information on the author and his work, you will need to search the following research databases. Relevant sources might be found in journals, newspapers, encyclopedias, and magazines. Look for book reviews, interviews with the author, brief biographies, reports on author appearances, or more critical analyses of the author and his work (mainly in journal articles).

Remember, your research purpose is to find sources that help you to provide author, background, and contextual information for The Social Conquest of Earth.

Try simple searches for the author's name - edward o. wilson (or, e.o. wilson, edward wilson) - or for the title of the work in question - social conquest of earth. Try combining these two simple searches by combining the title (social conquest of earth) and author last name (wilson)"social conquest of earth" and wilson.