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Art of Sacred Space: GRC/Art History/Religion 0803 / 0903

a library guide for this General Education course

Option 3

3) Objects for Worship. Research 5 items used in Roman religious life in the University Museum, which is on display in the Roman gallery (attach entrance receipt to your paper).  Write catalog entries on each one; be sure to see me for examples of a good catalog entry.

Step by Step

Keywords to Consider for Searching

Try to determine the various concepts that make up your topic and then write down synonyms. You can collect keywords from the internet, from encyclopedias and dictionaries, from you syllabus, and other places. It's not a formal process. It's more like picking blueberries.


Religion: religion, religious, pagan, paganism, jews, christians, god/gods, sacred, worship, shrines, temples of vesta, venus genetrix, mars ultor, churches, synagogues, domestic gods, household gods, catacombs, local gods, olympus, jupiter, cults, cemeteries, tombs, prayer, sacrifice


Public vs. Private: public, private, private life, home, hearth, household, domestic, domus, buildings, religious buildings, monuments, forum, colisseum, senate, emperor, temples, pantheon


Crafts: pottery, coins, coinage, jewelry, textiles, glass, technology, fayyum, terracotta, votives, frescoes, mosaics, statues, painting, metallurgy, silversmithing, bronze, pewter, enamelling, minting, ironmaking, blacksmithing, woodwork, leatherwork, stucco


Rome and Empire: rome, roman, latium, tiber, sicily, pompeii, egypt, greece, near east, north africa, gaul, britain, ancient world, antiquity, classical world, greco-roman world, mediterranean


Life Stages: birth, coming of age, wedding, marriage, death, funerals, burials


Reasons for Worship: propitiation, luck, curse, blessings, forgiveness