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Meaning of the Arts: PHIL 0847 / 0947

a guide to research sources

Independent Field Study Assignment: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

For this assignment, you will write a two to three page paper on a painting, sculpture, or work of architecture you have selected, using the artwork as a jumping off point to explore one of the theories or topics we have been studying. You will find the goals of the assignment and the directions below. Good luck!

The goals of this assignment are to:

  • Explore the artwork of Philadelphia
  • Develop basic research skills
  • Apply a theory or develop a topic we have covered in the course readings and the classroom
  • Practice citing sources

Before visiting your site...

  • Do some preliminary research. Visit the museum's web site. Find out which artists, artworks, styles, and time periods you are likely to see. 
  • Think about the theory or topic about which you'd like to write.
  • Then do some preliminary research using the library databases below to what kind of information you can find on these artists, artworks, and styles.

When you visit your site....

  • Try to select more than one item that would work for your paper, in case one turns out to be too obscure to find good information on.
  • Make sure you record the complete information on your items.
  • If permitted by the museum, take a picture of your art object and the corresponding information tag.
  • Keep your admission receipt.

Background / Overviews

Philly Museums

Research Databases

Google Scholar Search

Image Databases

Citing Sources

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