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Pro and Con Issues and Arguments

Sources for finding topics and arguments on both sides of an issue

Search the Library for Books and Ebooks with Pro/Con Sides to an Issue

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  • for "Reference shelf" AND [your issue in as general terms as you can think of it-- for example "reference shelf" AND nuclear]  -- Reference Shelf is the name of a book series
  • for the keywords: Pro and con There are a number of books that use this in the title for many topics.
  • for the phrase "opposing viewpoints" and your topic.  Opposing Viewpoints is the name of a series of books.
  • for the phrase "contemporary world issues" and your topic.  Contemporary World Issues is the name of a series of books.

Find Ebooks

Looking for an Ebook or Ebook chapter? Use the following source to find Ebooks at Temple.

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