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Race and Ethnicity In Cinema: FMA 0843

This website will help you with your research assignments for the General Education course Race & Ethnicity in Cinema.

Search these Best Bet Databases

Search Tips

Search Tips

When you search these databases for articles, you can try several strategies.

  • Search for the title of a specific film.
  • Search for the name of a filmmaker or actor.
  • Search for a geographic region (e.g. "asia" or "united states" or "paris"), a film genre (e.g. "comedy" or "horror"), or a time period (e.g., "post-war" or "fifties" or "1940s").
  • Search for concepts related to how the film is made (e.g., "lighting," "music or soundtrack or score," etc.)
  • Search for concepts related to your topic.  For example, you might search for "immigrants or immigration or migrants or migration," or "women or gender," or "trauma or PTSD or war"
  • Search for different combinations of everything above!