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Citing Sources

Do I need to cite chatbot and generative AI content?

In general, yes. Students should check with their instructor to understand their rules and guidelines about AI usage in a course. Researchers and authors should check with their publisher to find out their guidelines for generative AI usage.

If using chatbot or other generative AI-created content, here are ways to acknowledge that usage:

  • Cite it in the text and references of your work
  • Describe your use as part of your methodology
  • Include an appendix with screenshots or transcripts of prompts and AI-generated responses

 Risks of using generative AI content

Generative AI and chatbots often produce incorrect, biased or obsolete information. Use reliable sources and verify the accuracy of AI-generated content if you include it in your work.

Citation examples and formats

Examples for different citation styles:

APA 7 reference OpenAI. (Year). ChatGPT (Month Day version) [Large language model].
MLA 9 works cited entry “Tell me about confirmation bias” prompt. ChatGPT, Day Month. version, OpenAI, Day Month Year,
Chicago footnote ChatGPT, response to “Tell me about confirmation bias,” Month Day, Year,
Additional formatting guidance for different styles:

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Citing for publication

Different publishers may have different policies on whether or not generative AI is allowed and how to cite it. Check your publisher's information for authors webpage, or contact their editorial staff, for details.