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Keeping Up With Biomedical Research

Journal Reading Apps

Journal reading apps are a good way to save and read journal articles on your mobile device.

Read by QxMD

Read by QxMD helps you stay on top of the most important and cutting-edge research
Read by QxMD allows you to read Temple HSL subscriptions. To connect your app to Temple subscriptions. Go to account settings. Go to institutional access. Login with your Accessnet id and password.

Browzine Journal Reading App



How to create a Browzine Bookshelf

1. Create or login into your BrowZine Account 
2. Search by journal title or browse by subject area.
3. Find the title of interest.  View the Table of Contents of one of the issues.
4. Select “Add to My Bookshelf “ button. Repeat steps to add more journals to your bookshelf.