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ADA compliance guidelines for LibGuides Content Editors

Determining if a PDF is Accessible

You can quickly determine if the PDF is formatted to be read by a screen reader (such as JAWS) software.  You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer.  (You can download Adobe Reader for different operating systems at  

1. Open Adobe Reader and then open the PDF document in the reader.  

Adobe Reader Top Menu
The top menu bar has several options.

2. With the PDF document open, click on the View menu.  Scroll down the menu to Read Out Load, then select Activate Read Out Loud.  

3. If the document is not tagged, it will then need to be prepared for reading via Adobe Reader.  You will see a message like the one below.

PDF Reading Untagged Document
4. Now go back to the View menu and scroll down to Read Out Loud, then select Read to End of Document.  You will hear a voice read the document according to the tags in the document.

5. If you do not hear the reader follow a logical order in reading the document and if it is unable to read the alt tags for images, then the document is not accessible.