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Intellectual Heritage (Las Casas Assignment): IH 0852

A library research guide created by the Latin American Studies Librarian to assist students working on Dr. Gary Pratt's Las Casas Assignment

Find Images

The following image sites include several open-access (but academic) digital humanities projects, and two TULibraries' databases (ARTstor and Britannica ImageQuest). You may need to explore multiple resources to find an appropriate image.

Primary Source Illustration

Caption Title: Cruelty of the Spanish. B. de las Casas (1613)

Source: ARTstor (TULibraries' database)

Barolomé de las Casas, a key figure in the history of human rights and one of the most fascinating characters of the early modern world, wrote his famous Destruction of the Indies in 1552. The historian Patricia Seed noted Las Casas's unflagging commitment, though only after 1514, to "peaceful methods of domination" over the native peoples of the Americas (Exploration and Conquest, In A Companion to Latin American History, p. 86).