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Intellectual Property

Resources for researching copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets law.

Copyright Law

  • U.S. Copyright Office (open access)
    The United States Copyright Office's website offers a wealth of information, including:

  • Nimmer on Copyright, by Melville B. Nimmer & David Nimmer (Temple Law access, via Lexis)
    Nimmer is the leading treatise on United States copyright law, Nimmer's treatise often is cited in federal court documents.  The Law Library also has a print version, but it last was updated in 2011. 

  • Patry on Copyright, by William F. Patry (Temple Law access, via Westlaw)
    Patry's relatively recent entry into the copyright treatise world has more analysis than most treatises. 

  • Patry on Fair Use, by William F. Patry (Temple Law access, via Westlaw)
    This treatise provides information on the legal and illegal uses of works protected by copyright. 

  • International Copyright Law and Practice, eds. Lionel Bently, Burton Ong, Paul Edward Gellar & Melville B. Nimmer (Temple Law access, via Lexis)
    This regularly-updated guide contains in-depth discussion of copyright law in the European Union and 23 individual countries.

  • Copyright Throughout the World, by Silke von Lewinski (Temple Law access, via Westlaw)
    This guide covers the copyright laws of 26 nations, with in-depth discussion of each.

  • Principles of Copyright Law, by Roger E. Schecter & John R. Thomas (Temple Law access, via West Academic Study Aids)
    This hornbook covers major issues in US copyright law but was published in 2010, so some topics may not be up-to-date.

  • Copyright Law in a Nutshell, by Mary LaFrance (Temple Law access, via West Academic Study Aids)
    Nutshells are designed to be easy-to-read but in-depth reviews of the law in a particular area; this one covers copyright law.  The 2011 edition is available in print at the Law Library.

  • Bloomberg Law Trademarks & Copyright (Temple Law access, via Bloomberg Law)
    Bloomberg Law's practice center collects together Bloomberg Law's trademarks and copyright materials, including news and reports, case dockets and other court documents, practice tools, and trackers.

  • SSRN Copyright Law eJournal (open access)
    This subject-matter ejournal collects journal publications, working papers, and pre-publication materials on copyright law.

  • Copyright Resources for Libraries and Archives Research Guide (open access)
    University of New Hampshire law professor and librarian Jon Cavicchi compiled this research guide, which provides an extensive list of print and electronic resources on copyright law.